EPOS Company Product Trial Terms & Conditions

This Product Trial is run by EPOS Group A/S, CVR-no. 39 82 02 42, Industriparken 27, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark (''EPOS”). The Product Trial is administered in Denmark. Therefore, Danish law exclusively apply to the Product Trial regardless of the location of the individual participant.

By entering the Product Trial, you will be bound by these terms & conditions and you acknowledge that you satisfy all eligibility requirements.
Submitting the request form does not constitute a guarantee for admission to the “EPOS Company Product Trial” program.

    1. The offer is available to the following groups:

      a. Decision makers, who on behalf of their company / organization are evaluating procurement of 50 plus headsets or speakerphones for use with their communications platform (desk phones, soft phone or Unified Communications)

      b. Employees, who are working for EPOS’s strategic partners, who have a customer facing job responsibility for which purpose experience with EPOS products is beneficial and who are committed to convey such experience to potential customers.

    2. The offer is limited to one participant per company/group and not valid for partners and resellers.

    3. Admission to the “EPOS Company Product Trial” program is subject to availability. EPOS reserves the right to cancel the program or change the terms without notice.

    4. This offer is valid until December 31, 2023

    5. The “EPOS Company Product Trial” program does not constitute a proof-of-concept trial, which is available to prospective customers subject to agreement with EPOS’s local sales representation.

    6. By applying for the Product Trial, you are agreeing that EPOS may share information about your application with approved resellers, for the sole purpose of allowing them to (i) help review your application to verify eligibility, and (ii) contact you following completion of the product trial to discuss a potential sale of the trial product.

    7. EPOS reserves the right to review the application and request further information. Submitting the request form does not constitute a guarantee for admission to the “EPOS Company Product Trial” program.

    8. Submission of false, incorrect, misleading, or fraudulent information may result in disqualification.

    9. EPOS will be collecting personal data about participants, in accordance with its privacy notice. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of the Product Trial, including as set out in clause 6 above. Please review EPOS’ privacy notice at https://www.eposaudio.com/en/dk/legal/privacy-notice. By participating in the Product Trial, each participant hereby agrees to EPOS’s collection and usage of his/her personal information for the purpose of the Product Trial as set out herein and acknowledges that he/she has read and accepted EPOS’ privacy notice.
      Revocation of the right to use participant’s personal data is possible at any time. However, such revocation will necessarily be followed by the exclusion of the participant from product trial.

    10. All trial products are offered "as is" with no written, express, or implied warranty.

    11. The reporting and payment of any taxes on trial products, if necessary, are the sole responsibility of the participant.

    12. To the extent permitted by law, EPOS is not responsible for any injury or damage to persons or property which may be caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part from participants participation in the Product Trial.

    13. The Product Trial is governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law, excluding its conflict of law rules. Any disputes arising under the Product Trial will be settled by the Danish courts.

    14. The “EPOS Company Product Trial” program is available in the following countries and territories and is governed by applicable laws in the country of the receiving party’s residence:

      European Union
      New Zealand
      Saudi Arabia
      South Africa
      United States
      United Kingdom