How to apply and our recruitment process:

1. Send your application

EPOS advertises job opportunities through an online recruitment system where you can register and apply for current vacancies. Upload your CV and application.

2. Application review

Once your profile is created and you have applied for a position, your application is thoroughly screened by HR and the Hiring Manager.

3. Interviews

The recruitment process typically includes two interviews:
1st interview will mostly focus on your professional qualifications, experience and skills. The interview will give you the opportunity to learn more about EPOS, the team and the position. The interview takes approx. 1 hour.
2nd interview is based on a competence profile, a case or practical assessment. The interview will focus on your personal qualifications and technical skills. The interview takes approx. 1,5 hour.

* We aim to give you feedback within two weeks.

4. References & Job offer

If you are going further in the process the Recruiter will check 2 references from your previous work. Once the Recruiter has checked your references, the Hiring Manager and Recruiter prepare your job offer and contract.

5. Hired!

We look forward to welcoming you to EPOS!

*Recruitment times can vary. On average, it takes around 6 weeks; however, in some cases it may be quicker or take longer.

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