Unrivalled gaming sound – anywhere, anytime​

Welcome to a true wireless experience with our earbuds engineered for gaming on the go. Go ahead, unbox and enjoy.

We want to kick off by explaining the thinking behind this product - with its unique set of features for the gamer on the go who needs flexibility, quality and comfort.

The GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds are engineered specifically for a gamer’s dual lifestyle – whether immersed in a gaming session at break time, listening to their favorite podcast in the gym, or catching a few rounds of their favorite game on their Switch or phone on a daily commute. EPOS engineers have created a solution that no other gaming headset maker can match, thanks to the wider company’s expertise in the field of in-ear acoustics and ergonomics. Feedback from end users identifies a demand for in-ear gaming audio without compromise for gaming on the go. This was what inspired the GTW 270 Hybrid – the combination of a consumer need, and the know-how allowing us to fulfill that need.

The EPOS range also includes the GTW 270, essentially the same product as you have in your hands now, but without the low latency dongle. It shares all of the superior engineering for comfort, audio quality and microphone performance, and it is compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth.

About EPOS

EPOS is an audio and video solution company developing and selling devices for business and gaming. The Danish founded company delivers high-end audio and video solutions with design, technology and performance as their paramount parameters.

EPOS was established to let the business segments of the joint venture – known as Sennheiser Communications – between Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG and Demant A/S evolve in different set-ups. Alongside the introduction of a new own-branded portfolio, EPOS continues to sell the current Sennheiser Communications portfolio co-branded as EPOS | SENNHEISER.

EPOS is part of the Demant Group – a world-leading audio and hearing technology group. As such, it builds on more than 115 years of experience of working with innovation and sound. With headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, EPOS operates in a global market with offices and partners in more than 30 countries.

Find more information at www.eposaudio.com

GTW 270 Hybrid At A Glance

  • Closed acoustic, in-ear gaming audio earbuds
  • Proprietary miniaturized EPOS audio drivers
  • Compact, lightweight and comfortable
  • Dual microphone technology for acoustic clarity
  • Multi-function command button for convenience
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • IPX 5 water resistance
  • Portable charge case for extended battery life

How to connect to your devices

The EPOS Gaming Suite for Windows® 10 is downloadable from our website. With it, you can access 7.1 virtual surround sound at 16 bit / 48 kHz audio (with hi-res available in the future). The software also provides digital sound processing to customize sound profiles, and also provides noisegate control, side-tone and digital noice reduction for clearer game chat.

You can connect your GTW 270 Hybrid with your Bluetooth device or via the low-latencydongle. You can pair up to eight devices with your GTW 270 Hybrid.

Pairing with a Bluetooth device

  1. Dock both earbuds. Close the lid.
  2. Open the lid. Press and hold the charge case button to initiate pairing.
  3. Search for Bluetooth devices – see instruction manual of your device – and select “EPOS GTW 270”.
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Pairing with the dongle

Upon arrival the dongle is already paired with the earbuds. In case you reset your paired device list, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Have both earbuds in the closed charge case, then open the lid
  2. Plug the dongle into the USB port of your gaming platform of choice. Use theextension cable to connect it to a USB-A port. Press and hold the dongle buttonto initiate pairing
  3. Press and hold the charge case button to initiate pairing. The LEDs pulse red andblue. The LEDs stop pulsing as soon as the devices are connected

Portable charge case

The portable anodized aluminum carry-case is also a charger. The five hour listening time on the earbuds is extended up to 20 hours with the case. The gamer on the go can truly depend on the GTW 270 Hybrid for uninterrupted no-compromise game audio.

Multi-platform compatibility

Multi-compatibility with the GSA 70 USB-C aptX™ low latency dongle (specifically Nintendo Switch, Android phones, PC and PS4) as well as standard Bluetooth® 5.1 connection to any Bluetooth® compatible device.

Dual wireless connectivity – engineered specifically for gaming

The GTW 270 Hybrid uses two complementary wireless technologies:

  • BT 5.1 is used for bi-directional audio (mic and playback) and is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled sources. Up to eight devices can be paired with the GTW 270 Hybrid via Bluetooth. The pairing system is quick and easy – dock the earbuds in the case, close the lid, press and hold the charge case button and the earbuds should show up on your device as “EPOS GTW 270”.

  • The GTW 270 Hybrid also features a special aptX™ low latency connection that utilizes a tiny USB-C dongle for playback. Plug this into the USB-C port on your Android phone or your Nintendo Switch console and you can play your favorite games in super-low latency on the go. Or simply plug the dongle into a USB-C port on your laptop or computer for the same purpose.

Why is low latency important for gamers?

Most wireless technologies generate a small delay as they are transmitted and received, and gamers can be sensitive to the audio being marginally later than the action they are reacting to on screen. This is why EPOS’ wireless gaming products use specially developed technologies to reduce this delay to levels most people will not even notice – and this is why we specifically engineered the USB-C dongle using aptX™ technology for our in-ear gaming solution.

However, the additional standard Bluetooth connection is still vital for flexibility and compatibility with a wide variety of devices, despite its higher latency. Gamers still need to take phone calls on the move and use online chat services such as Discord to stay in touch. The earbuds feature a dual microphone design which provides excellent voice pickup and reduced background noise for excellent speech clarity. The microphones are not operational in low latency mode using the dongle – it’s unlikely you’ll be barking instructions to your team-mates on the daily commute, so we focused our efforts on the minimum possible latency with inbound audio.

Shape, stability and seal – our secret ingredients for comfort and audio excellence​

We chose three important focus points for our true wireless earbud shell design:

  • Firstly, misshapen, inflexible buds quickly become painful to wear – and this is a huge problem for gamers who can play for hours at a time.
  • Secondly, loose and poor fitting units often simply fall out of the ear.
  • Thirdly, earbuds with poor seal offer no immersion for the gamer or rely on inadequate noise cancellation to imitate it.

Thanks to an ear scan database provided by our parent company Demant, we were able to test numerous designs against the statistical data using AI technologies, developing earbud shells specifically to address all these failings simultaneously. It is simple enough to develop a design that offers stability or a tight seal, but that’s no use if it quickly becomes painful to wear because it applies pressure to sensitive points in the ear.

Our research enabled us to map out the places on the ear that are flexible, others that are more rigid and those that are neutral. We developed the GTW 270 Hybrid shell using that knowledge to reduce the pressure on non-flexible parts of the ear to negligible levels while maintaining an excellent acoustic seal and delivering state of the art in-ear acoustics.

Three tips for your review​

  • The GTW 270 Hybrid is supplied with three different sizes of earbud tips, so we encourage wearers to test them all for comfort and seal – you may be happy with your first choice, but it’s worth trying more than one to be sure.

  • With the right tips for your ear size, our seal is so good that we achieve better isolation than most expensive noise cancelling in-ear solutions, while at the same time being more comfortable to wear for extended periods. The earbuds are also IPX 5 water resistant, which means you don’t need to take them out when you hop off public transport in bad weather!

  • The quality of the seal and overall shell design also strengthens the overall acoustic performance of our proprietary miniaturized audio drivers. The GTW 270 Hybrid delivers deep and powerful bass when it is needed, a natural midrange ideal for voice communication clarity and those sparkling highs which help you pick out the direction sounds are coming from when operating in 7.1 surround sound mode.

With the GTW 270 Hybrid, the EPOS engineering team managed to take the three key pillars of a great gaming headset – audio excellence, microphone performance and comfort – and successfully delivered these with a radical miniaturized in-ear solution. EPOS put the needs of the gamer first – with excellent directional audio performance, low latency option, comfort over extended gaming sessions and a battery life to match.


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