USB-C Extension CableUSB-C extension cable for GSA 70 USB-C dongle and GTW 270 Hybrid

Improve the range of your GSA 70 USB-C dongle for the GTW 270 Hybrid gaming ear buds with the EPOS USB-C Extension Cable – official replacement cable for the GSA 70 USB-C dongle. It’s designed to improve range by increasing the distance from a chassis USB socket –at the same time improving accessibility

Key features

  • USB-A (m) to USB-C (f) Extension Cable
  • Wireless Performance Enhancement
  • Flexible Positioning
  • 6 Month Warranty
Article number 1000867

USB-A (m) to USB-C (f) Extension Cable

Improve the performance of your GTW 270 ear buds with the USB extension cable

Wireless Performance Enhancement

Low latency wireless range improved – cable extension for GSA 70 USB-C dongle