H6PRO Audio Bundle - ClosedClosed Acoustic Wired Gaming Headset with External Sound Card

This bundle is designed for gamers who want to enhance their audio experiences beyond their PC’s on-board capabilities. When combined with the EPOS Gaming Suite, the H6PRO headset and GSX 300 external sound card deliver outstanding digital sound processing and customizable 7.1 EPOS Surround. Superior performance across the full audio spectrum is yours for the taking.

Key features

  • Closed Acoustic Wired Gaming Headset
  • Truly immersive game audio, with no sound escaping
  • Detachable and magnetic lift-to-mute microphone
  • Customizable 7.1 Surround Sound and audio control with EPOS Gaming Suite
  • Smart button control 

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What’s in the Box​

  • H6PRO Closed
  • GSA 30 PC Cable
  • GSA 30 Console Cable
  • 2 X H6PRO Cover
  • GSX 300 Black
  • GSX 300 USB cable

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GSX 300

GSX 300

External Sound Card

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H6PRO Closed

H6PRO Closed

Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

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Limited Edition EPOS PC Bundle

Life-like Audio for PC Gamers

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H6PRO Audio Bundle (Open)

H6PRO Audio Bundle (Open)

Open Acoustic Wired Gaming Headset with External Sound Card

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