EPOS x SK Gaming

SK Gaming is a leading esports organization and one of the world’s most recognized brands in competitive video gaming. Founded in 1997, "Schroet Kommando" has grown from a passionate group of friends into a successful esports business with offices in Cologne and Berlin, Germany. In the past two decades, SK Gaming managed to win more than 60 major championship titles and millions in prize money earnings across a variety of disciplines. Along the way, SK developed some of the most iconic personalities in esports history and pioneered the industry on multiple frontiers, both as an ambitious competitor and an innovative business.
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“We are delighted to continue our long-term partnership with SK Gaming and to support their competitive efforts around the globe. Our esports partnerships allow us the opportunity to join up with world-leading esports teams and enable them to elevate their game experience to brand new heights. SK Gaming has an impressive legacy in the esports world and we are excited to once again partner with them.”

- Andreas Jessen, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, Gaming, EPOS.

“I've used plenty of different headsets throughout my career and can confidently say that the GSP 600 is by far the most comfortable to wear - sometimes I even forget they are still on!”

- Jus "Crownshot" Marusic

LEC Player, SK Gaming

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