How to choose the best gaming headset

Gaming platform

The first thing to consider when choosing the best gaming headset for you is the platform you play on and the games you play on it. We have spared nothing to develop headsets that pair with PC, PS4™, Mac, and Nintendo Switch – among others.

The most comfortable gaming headset

The perfect headset is so comfortable you forget you are wearing it, even after hours of play.

Having tested our headsets on hundreds of different heads in search of the most comfortable fit, over decades, we know that comfort is an individual thing.

Our gaming headsets are built with the lightest materials to let you feel the game – not the headset.

Your wearing style is the only one that matters, whether it is the comfort of light weight on the ear (L), a comfortable fit around the ear (XL), or a plush envelope for the ear (XXL).

Open or closed back gaming headset?

For those of us who value cool ears and want to hear both our surroundings and the game audio, an open-backed gaming headset is the best choice.

Others prefer total immersion, with no sound escaping. Here the best choice would be the closed acoustic gaming headset – especially for competition players who do not want to miss a single detail, even in the noisiest environments.

The best sound quality

Superior sound is, simply, an essential requirement for a gaming headset.

The quickest possible reactions to sound cues – whether footsteps, gunshots, or interaction indicators – is completely essential for both home and tournament gaming. This is the competitive edge you need to take your game to the next level.

When choosing the best sounding gaming headset, it is important to know if you are going for a stereo or 7.1 Surround Sound headset. And that choice naturally depends on the type of game you play. Our surround sound headsets are equipped with own Binaural Rendering Engine and Digital Amplification - and delivers 7.1 virtual surround sound quality that no speakers can reproduce.


The best gaming headset requires a microphone that provides crystal clear communication. All of our headsets are equipped with some of the best microphones for in-game communication. And in case you need to mute your microphone quickly, just lift the boom arm to go off the air.

The best durability

Once you have chosen a headset perfect for you, it is yours for years. Our engineered equipment is built to endure. And it does not just look good: the materials are of the highest grade, the attention to detail second to none. Our speakers are engineered in our own facilities in Europe while the braided fabric cable guarantees durability.

Wired or wireless gaming headset?

Both of our wired and wireless gaming headsets mean a gaming experience without compromises. All are built to last from premium materials. With no need for battery, wired headsets mean freedom from any worries about your gaming duration. But with 100 hours of gaming from a single charge, the GSP 370 brings the wireless freedom of movement, too.

Spare parts

When a headset becomes part of you, you want to be able to repair it. So we provide original quality spare parts such as spare ear pads and cables. On some products, the cables can be replaced by a service technician, too.