EPOS and Unicon

If your business uses Linux-based thin clients with the Unicon Software eLux RP® operating system, the management of your EPOS audio devices just got easier.

A collaboration for success

In close collaboration with Unicon Software we have created a solution that simplifies optimizing and updating EPOS audio devices. The client application EPOS Connect can be installed on thin clients via Scout Enterprise Management Suite®. This means that once IT managers have downloaded and installed EPOS Manager, they can manage their EPOS audio devices via EPOS Manager’s intuitive UI.

Download the solution paper to get more insights on the integration of EPOS Connect on Unicon OS.


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About Unicon Software

Unicon, the company behind eLux, is a German-based software company with more than 1.5 million thin clients supported in more than 65 countries. Their software works on all leading types of hardware, and amongst their top customers are Finanz, Informatik, GmbH & Co and this includes global investment banks, insurance companies and public sector clients.

For more information on Unicon

To find out more about how to set up EPOS Connect VDI on eLux, download the manual below