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Hybrid and remote work are becoming the new normal. As a result, the demand for premium audio and video solutions that enable seamless global collaboration is at an all-time high. Equip your meeting rooms with the right technology.

Your brain is not built for hybrid meetings

The past few years have accelerated the digitalization of workplace collaboration. We are spending hours in hybrid meetings, where sound comes from both speakers and from people. Our brains are not built for processing these cluttered sound environments.

63% of employees regularly experience issues due to poor sound quality on calls

40% is how long meeting time has increased

56% of employees believe good audio will prevent moments of stress at work

EPOS Meeting Room Solutions are designed with unique algorithms and acoustics that help the brain orient and focus in hybrid meetings.

Increased focus in hybrid meetings

Better concentration: whether at the office or working from home

Improved productivity throughout the workday

EPOS offers full Meeting Room solutions or individual products

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