What will the post Covid-19 workplace sound like?

Acoustics, Productivity and the Future of Work

In a recently published report produced by EPOS in partnership with WORKTECH Academy, we present a glimpse of the very near Future of Work. The report is based on a review of literature in the field, the latest scientific evidence on office productivity and a series of interviews with international experts in the field of workplace performance, acoustics and neuroscience.

The aim of the report is to communicate the challenges around human productivity amid the Covid-19 pandemic while providing tangible product solutions that can help provide the right acoustic conditions needed for better overall productivity. As coronavirus offers a unique opportunity to reimagine the office environment for better performance, the report will help to equip organizations and hybrid workers with the knowledge and tools to be as productive as possible wherever they are working.

Did you know that:

  • Research suggests 80% of employees feel technology has positive influence on their productivity at work; two thirds of managers see correlations between technology and their organization’s performance and 54% believe their organization is technologically forward thinking.

  • While technology in many ways is an enabler of productivity, research suggests it can quickly become a barrier if it performs poorly or doesn’t meet real needs.

  • 33% of employees feel less productive in the current work from home environment because they do not have the proper set up, tools and technology to enable them to be more productive, even after working remotely for more than two months.

Sound investments for the future

Among the conclusions, the report finds that any organization hoping to achieve a high-performance workplace in the post-Covid era will have to reimagine the acoustic landscape where-ever employees are based – at home, at work or somewhere in between. As the future of work becomes more flexible, employees are seeking more autonomy and choice over where and how they work. An investment in great audio equipment not only makes employees feel like their time and performance are valued by the company, but also gives them the practical tools to work flexibly in any environment.

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