Nottingham, United Kingdom

Customer Case: Nottinghamshire County Council

Our Enterprise Solutions was chosen by Nottinghamshire County Council for a complete refit of the communications technology used at its offices, including in-office and Bluetooth® headsets and speakerphones.

The Challenge
Nottinghamshire County Council required a range of affordable solutions that would allow its staff and in-house customer call centre to communicate flexibly and clearly while also enabling them to take advantage of Skype for Business.

The Solution
The council chose a range of headsets, including various models from our IMPACT 100 Series of single and double-sided wired headsets, the speakerphone EXPAND 20 and the ADAPT Presence Bluetooth® headset.

A key step in the decision to go with your solutions was that you were more than happy to leave large amounts of trial stock with us, which allowed our user base to test the headsets"

Mark Pugh

Specification Analyst - Nottinghamshire County Council

Our products was selected following a successful trial and universally positive feedback from office staff. The council chose a range of headsets, including various models from our IMPACT 100 Series of single and double-sided headsets, the Speakerphone EXPAND 20 and ADAPT Presence Bluetooth® headset.

Nottinghamshire County Council chose headset variants from the IMPACT 100 Series of wired headsets, offering a choice of single and doublesided models. Featuring EPOS VoiceTM technology, each headset is ideal for busy offices, where the noise-cancelling microphone and wideband sound can ensure that communications remain crisp and clear for both parties. Plug and play compatibility with leading Unified Communications solutions, superb comfort and durability and direct call control make it an ideal solution for businesses transitioning to a new deployment across a large workforce.

Nottinghamshire County Council also required a solution for flexible video and call conferencing, and opted for our speakerphone EXPAND 20. It is ideal for business professionals, equally at home with personal calls or small group conferences on PC/softphone and mobile phone or tablet, and also includes EPOS VoiceTM technology, echo cancellation and dual talk function which enables a clean sound and natural conversation flow.

Finally, Nottinghamshire County Council required a solution for mobile workers, and found it in our ADAPT Presence Bluetooth® headset. It is, ideal for mobile Unified Communications professionals using Skype for Business who require a consistently excellent communication solution around the office, in the car and outdoors.

Mark Pugh added: “We are pleased to introduce your solutions into Nottinghamshire County Council. Unified Communications with Skype for Business has allowed our staff to work far more flexibly, and the range of wired and wireless Skype for Business Certified headsets gives our UC users an excellent experience at a competitive price point.”

“The EXPAND 20 ML is our speakerphone of choice for small meeting areas. It provides excellent sound quality for both UC and telephone calls and users love the call quality, range of connections and simplicity of the product.

The ADAPT Presence is also now a standard offering for Bluetooth® headsets. It can be paired to Skype for Business and a mobile phone simultaneously for flexibility. The battery life is excellent, and the micro-USB port on the rear of the unit makes charging easily. The build-quality is outstanding, and buttons and controls have been kept to a minimum, making the product easy to use.”

Importantly, this level of quality and flexibility comes at a price that makes it an extremely attractive proposition for the modern office, and one that Nottinghamshire County Council has no hesitation in recommending. “We have been extremely pleased to gain such quality and flexibility at a competitive price point” - Mark continued. “The quality of the product is matched by their customer care and reseller support, and we would have no hesitation in recommending your product solutions as part of any headset evaluation.”