Stay Focused In the New Open Offices With The Right Headsets

EPOS offers a range of headsets made especially with the New Open Office in mind. With best-in-class audio performance headset solution that benefits both sides of the call and help you stay focused and communicate clearly, no matter the level of noise.

The New Open Office

The New Open Office is whether you are in a corporate open office with people next to you in hybrid meetings and colleagues chatting across the room, or in your open office space at home with the washing machine buzzing and your dog barking, surrounded by a lot of noise and sound clutter. With so many distractions employees find it difficult to concentrate and get work done. In turn, this makes people more fatigued and less productive.

Audio designed for your brain

EPOS BrainAdapt™ is a group of pioneering technologies based on decades of psychoacoustic research through the Demant Group, that works together to improve your cognitive performance. Did you know that we hear with our ears but listen with our brain? At EPOS our sound philosophy and the heart of EPOS BrainAdapt™ is to ensure less brain fatigue, better concentration, increased focused and therefore improved performance throughout the workday

An intelligent audio experience

To ensure that the products live up to the requirements for the New Open Office where excellent speech quality and strong attenuation of background noise is important, EPOS have developed EPOS AI™: a group of technologies to ensure state-of-the-art voice pickup with supreme speech quality along with advanced noise reduction techniques that ensures both sides of the call stay focused for an impactful dialogue with minimum background distractions.

Built for the
New Open Office

EPOS headsets meet the requirements for open offices. This means premium audio with effective noise cancellation, voice clarity and industry leading microphone technology in all open office environments.

Stay focused with Active Noise Cancellation

Block out external distractions with Adjustable ANC. This helps you stay concentrated on your work.

Be heard clearly on every call

EPOS headsets come with industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™. This delivers crystal-clear communication, making sure your every word is heard.

Wear comfortably throughout the day

Our headsets are built for all-day wear, with lightweight design, flexible wearing styles, and soft materials that deliver superior comfort.

New Open Office Headsets


IMPACT 1000 Series

Made for the New Open Office

  • Industry-leading voice pickup for focused conversations
  • Protect your brain in the open office
  • Stay comfortable throughout the day

IMPACT 5000 Series

Talk with impact

  • Experience superior EPOS sound
  • Empower your people with total flexibility
  • Increase productivity and create focus
*Only Microsoft Teams versions of IMPACT 5000 are for New Open Office