EPOS BrainAdapt™

Audio designed for your brain

EPOS BrainAdapt

EPOS BrainAdapt™ is a group of pioneering technologies that work together to improve cognitive performance.

Headsets, speakerphones, and video bars that are built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology are designed to support the brain’s natural way of processing sound. This means less fatigue and more focus for both you and the people you are communicating with.

Building on Rich Scientific Heritage

Based on decades of psychoacoustic research through the Demant Group, EPOS has the data on how and when the brain performs best — and designs audio and video solutions with unique algorithms and acoustics to provide the best conditions for the brain

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We Hear with Our Ears, but Listen with Our Brain

Your brain is constantly scanning the surroundings, orienting itself in its environment, distinguishing relevant sound from disturbing noises and choosing where to focus.

Orient, focus, recognize – this is the process the brain performs to make sense of sound.
Sounds that cannot be recognized are perceived as noise and noise stresses your brain, causing it to become tired and unfocused.

It comes down to understanding how the brain makes sense of sound, because a great audio experience only happens when technologies support the brain’s listening process, helping it perform as intended.

World-leading Psychoacoustic Research

Being part of the Demant Group allows EPOS to leverage R&D synergies from other companies within the Group, such as Oticon and their world leading research center Eriksholm.

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